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Real Estate Floor Plans


Floor Plans

An approximate layout of your home.

Floor plans are a great way to enhance your real estate listing by showing potential purchasers the approximate room dimensions and layout of your home. Our floor plans include fixed furniture and can come with or without approximate room length and width measurements.

When we come to your home, we digitally scan your home room by room, floor by floor. The house does not need to be “picture ready” but any clutter or obstacles should be cleaned up or removed to get a more accurate scan or the floor and walls. Usually a floor plan scan is done at the same time home is having the real estate photos taken so the home should be ready to be scanned for floor plans.

The MLS of Long Island, now called OnekeyMLS, allows a maximum of 36 photos uploaded into the MLS system. We will provided you with a floor plan for each level of your home in an image format or .pdf format that you can then use to showcase your house on the multiple listing service, other real estate websites or your own personal website. So if you have 3 levels in your home, you will get 3 floor plan images that will count towards your 36 max image count on the MLS.

Why use floor plans on a home listing?

  • Home buyers consider floor plans the most desired feature on a home listing, just after the standard listing photos and property data (NAR research).
  • Stand out from the competition by providing a free marketable floor plan on-site to your client.
  • Reduce time on the market by up to 50% by adding a floor plan to your listing.
  • Increase click-throughs from buyers by 52% by including a floor plan in a real estate listing. (source: Rightmove.com).

We service the following areas for real estate floor plans:

Long IslandNassau CountySuffolk CountyQueens County

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