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Aerial Photos


Aerial Photos

Photos that are taken from the sky.

Aerial photos are photos that are taken from the sky at higher altitudes than can be reached by a camera on a tripod or a long extention pole. 

Aerial photos are great for larger homes with larger properties and would like to showcase the entire land. Some homes are on hills, some homes have pools, some are waterfront and some just have special features that aerial photos would help to bring out to make prospective buyers more inclined to make an offer on after seeing such features.

The MLS of Long Island, now called OnekeyMLS, allows a maximum of 36 photos uploaded into the MLS system so you can use these aerial photographs towards your allotment of 36 photos. You can then use to showcase your house on the multiple listing service, other real estate websites or your own personal website.

Using a professional real estate photography company like Pinpoint Photography will make your photos “pop” instead of using your own cheap camera drone. Although some of the cheap cameras drones will take great photos, they don’t compare to a professional real estate drone. Real estate drone cameras capture a wider angle, can be shot is RAW format for better editing to make the photos look as best as they can be.

We service the following areas for real estate photography:

Long IslandNassau CountySuffolk CountyQueens County

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