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Real Estate Photography on Long Island

Our real estate photographers on Long Island capture the best your home has to offer so you can showcase it on the web and get it sold! Contact us for Photography in Nassau, Suffolk and Queens Counties.

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Hello, we shoot real estate photographs on Long Island NY.

We shoot high quality HDR photography for any kind of real estate property on Long Island in Nassau, Suffolk or Queens. It does not matter if you have a small house or a large one or even a commercial property, we can make your home look the best it can be for when you are ready to display it online when you are selling or renting. We don’t charge you silly extra fee’s for per photo count. We come to your home and take the best photos that your home allows. Order a professional real estate photography shoot today!

We now offer 3D Floor Plans and 3D Video Walkthru’s

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Why You should Use A Real Estate Photographer When Selling Your Home

When listing your Long Island real estate home for sale, you always want to have your property show the best it can online. Buyers most likely see your home first on the internet and then make a decision whether or not to go see the home in person. If you are trying to get top dollar for your home, you want the most people to view your home so you can get the most chances of getting offers on your home. Most websites display a thumbnail photo of your home. That is why it is so important for that first photo to be the best it can be to get more potential buyers to click on your property ad so they can see the rest of the pictures.

One of the best ways for the owner or Realtor to get the most buyers in the Long Island area to view your home is by having professional photos taken of your home and possibly get some aerial services or aerial photography too. A professional photographer has specialized equipment services such as high powered cameras, wide angle lenses, drones, 360 cameras and more. For a reasonable price, a Long Island Real Estate Photographer can take high quality HDR photos and images of your home. These photos get enhanced in a program like Adobe Lightroom to really make the photos amazing and pop.

Sometimes you can get decent photos with your phone camera but they usually don’t compare to the dynamic range that a professional real estate camera and editor can give you. We strive to be one of the best real estate photographers service on Long Island.

Here are the top five things professional real estate photographers businesses wish all sellers and clients did (according to Homejab):

  1. Declutter for real estate photography – 95%
  2. Remove objects in the way of a photo (toys, bikes, hoses, etc.) – 86%
  3. Clean the house – 75%
  4. Fix light bulbs – 73%
  5. Clean pathways and driveways (remove cars) – 54%
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What types of real estate photography services are offered in Long Island?

Real estate photographers in Long Island offer services such as interior and exterior property photography, aerial photos, 3D virtual tours, and other visual marketing materials.

How much do real estate photographers on Long Island typically charge?

Rates for real estate photography services vary depending on the type of work required and the complexity of the shoot. Most photographers charge anywhere from $120-200 per hour with additional fees for travel expenses outside their service area.

How can I find a reputable real estate photographer on Long Island?

You can search online for reviews and portfolios of local photographers to ensure quality standards are met. Additionally, you can ask your Realtor or other professional contacts for recommendations.

What should I expect during a real estate photo shoot on Long Island?

Photographers will typically arrive at the property prior to the scheduled appointment time to scout out locations and lighting conditions. During the shoot, they may ask you to move furniture or accessories around to get the best shots possible. Afterward, they will review their images with you before leaving.

Are there any tips that will help ensure great real estate photos on Long Island?

Make sure all rooms are tidy and free from clutter; turn off ceiling fans; open blindscurtains for natural light; use decorative items like artwork or plants to add color; make sure all fixtures (such as faucets) are clean; remove pet bowls, toys, etc.; stage outdoor areas by adding chairstables if needed; provide access to electrical outlets when necessary.